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Practice dates are May 5th & May 12th. First rookie schooling will take place May 12th

                                   GENERAL TRACK RULES


a) Minimum racing age is 5 Years. Racers that are 4 years old and turning 5 on or before  September 30tthof the calendar year in which they wish to begin racing may do so in the Micro Sprint or Jr. Late Model Divisions.

b) Racers that will be turning 9 years of age between  May !st and September 30th of that calendar year will be required to move up to the “A” Division prior to the start of that Season. Tracks discretion !!

c) Once a driver moves up into another division, he/she will not be able to move back down. However if the opportunity arises. a Jr. B division driver may be allowed to move Up a division for a maximum three race events and be allowed to go back down to their division. The decision to allow this to happen is strictly at the discretion of track management. Substitute car and driver must go through a technical inspection for driver safety prior to racing.

d) No subs in “B” division, all other subs will be the same division or from down one division  and only 2 times per season.

e) Drivers with 3 years racing experience at Grand Bend Speedway  may be allowed  to move up the divisions. This decision will strictly be at the discretion of track management, and the Parents.

f) It is the responsibility of the driver to present a copy of their birth certificate to be kept on file for registration purposes under age 18.

Pit entrance waiver form must be completed prior to racing. Parental consent form must be completed by all competitors 18 years and under ,and signed by both Parents.

There will be a two driver Pre- Registration for 1 vehicle ,That car runs for the points.

  1. a) Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the pit area, and race trailers, before and during a race event. Any person seen carrying or consuming alcoholic beverages, or under the influence of alcohol in the opinion of track officials, will be removed from the pit area for the duration of the event. At the discretion of track officials, more severe suspensions may be levied for subsequent offences.

b) Non prescribed drugs and controlled substances are prohibited at all times from any  property owned or operated by Grand Bend Speedway. Anyone found in possession of controlled substances, or under the influence of controlled substances will be banned from Grand Bend Speedway for the duration of the year. Law enforcement will be notified of the action.

c) Certain over the counter, or prescribed medication may adversely affect the abilities, reflexes, and motor skills of driver. In the interest of safety, any drivers taking over the counter, or prescribed medication shall notify the race director prior to the racing event. At the discretion of the race director, the driver may be prevented from competing in the race event.

d) Any driver or pit crew member who has allergies or sensitivities to medications or first aid devices (such as latex allergies) shall notify the race director in writing prior to being eligible for competition at Grand Bend Speedway. This information shall be kept in the track ambulance during racing events, and will be provided to medical personnel if required.

For the purposes of rules (2) through (10), "pit crew members" shall be defined as anyone identified by track officials as a person who works on a car, provides welcome assistance to a driver or crew, or obviously appears associated with the pit area of that team, whether casual or not. This does not include spectators who have no direct association to the' team. For further clarity, If you invite someone to participate in your pit activities, whether once or for the whole season, you are responsible for their actions during the event.

  1. a) All drivers and crew entering pit area must sign a release waiver in person. Anyone caught forging a name on any release waiver will be subject to possible criminal charges and ejected from the property.

b) Drivers are responsible for the sportsman-like conduct of anyone in their crew and penalties incurred by a crew member may affect the driver.

4. All drivers shall act like gentlemen at the track and see to it that their crew members do likewise. No driver, car owner or mechanic shall subject any track official to abuse, ridicule or improper use of language at the track at any time. Anyone not conducting themselves in a gentlemanly manner may have their car suspended for the balance of the race meet, lose all points and/or money accumulated for the night and may be subject to a monetary fine.and suspended.

5. Anyone who, by word or deed, disrupts, impedes, jeopardizes or in any manner hinders the smooth and orderly presentation of the racing program, and/or anyone who commits, or causes to be committed, any action detrimental to the racing program at the speedway, shall be held completely responsible for their actions and will be held personally responsible for any losses incurred by the speedway. Also a lifetime suspension could be levied against the offenders.

6.         a) Fighting or acts detrimental to racing: Any driver, car owner, crew member or anyone engaged in a fight shall be subject to a suspension and / or a bond and can lose all points and money accumulated by the car they are associated with, for that racing meet.

b) Drivers must be held responsible for the control and actions of their pit crew members. Unacceptable actions of crew members may subject the driver to penalty, disqualification from an event or suspension of membership privileges.

  1. Any driver, car owner, or crew member assaulting any speedway official at any time whether prior to, during or after the race meet can be suspended for  two weeks or one calendar year.
  2. All disputes must be in written form and presented to the race director.
  3. a) Only registered drivers will be eligible for points and/ or full money awards.

b) To be eligible for any points fund money and / or contingency prizes you must:

be present at the year-end banquet and

Competed in at least 80 percent of all race events.

c) BULLYING ! will be unacceptable at G.B.S. or on facebook or in sibberworld if found to be suspension well be handed down..

10. No pit crew, and persons not specifically authorized by the race director, is allowed on the track, infield, pit entrance or exit, or west of a north-south line consisting of the front straightaway chain link fence, and extending to the south end of the tech building, until the completion of the race event. For the purposes of this section, post race celebration at the start finish line is excluded, but all persons on the track will be subject to direction of the race official, and shall not enter the racing surface until directed by the started or race director. Anyone contravening this section shall subject the team to penalty.

11. Any driver caught driving in a manner detrimental to the safety of other persons shall face a penalty to be determined by the race director.

12. All cars and drivers must be registered with Grand Bend Speedway. It is responsibility of the driver to notify the chief scorer. or the race director of any change in driver, car, and / or number, prior to the race. In the event the appropriate personnel are not notified, the car shall not be scored for the race.

13. Any car, which appears to be poorly driven, uncontrollable and / or unable to obtain speed, will start in the scratch position until the starter or race director, feels an acceptable performance has been reached.

14. Drivers meetings are mandatory. Failing to attend may result in suspension or lose of points.

15. Drivers meetings will be attended by drivers and drivers’ reps only. Jr. Micro Sprints will be allowed to have one representative with them. (Owner ,Crew or Parent).


Line-ups will be posted on the board before race time. It is the responsibility of each crew to place their car in the proper position in the line-up before the deadline. Late cars will fall into the back of the line-up. Cars will proceed onto the track as soon as the checkered flag falls and the track is safe. Any car not in line at this time must start in scratch position. DRIVER TECH. CARDS are received at pit adm. Gate on your way in when paying . MUST be filled out and handed in at Ticket booth before 6:15 so we know who here to be put in your line ups or start at the back for your heats .                                                                                                                                                                                                Bone Stock /  LEGENDS / TRUCKS LINE UP :                                                                                                                                                                                                 * The way you finish your heat is the way you start the feature 1st  heat inside line 2cd  heat outside line and if there is more heats 3rd & 4th  it goes the same order than  only top 4 from each heat will transfer to feature the rest will go to last chance race.                                                                                                        * If there is more than 20 trucks in attendance there will be a last chance qualifier feature. The front 4  from that race will transfer to the “A” feature.   MAX STARTING FIELD OF 20 cars

a) The car that you qualified for that race meet is the car you must race in the feature ,Only time  substitute cars allowed for that race event if crash or blew-up. And can,t be fixed .But the car being used must of qualified in the heats.
b) All points will go to the car number  not the driver.

C ) If event is rained –out before feature time and are rescheduled ,only qualified  cars from that rain date are allowed to run or voted on ..

 For the first race meet of the season, the starting position will be determined by drawing of numbers .Rookies start at back.

a) When rain begins after the races have started, rain dates will be at the decision of the management. If rain starts prior to race time and the meet does not commence, no points or money will be awarded Rain date will be the next available day..
b) Rain-outs will be made up at discretion of the track management
c) When
a race has started and is red flagged due to weather. The race will be considered complete if half the scheduled laps have been completed.  

d) Saturday rain-outs will be posted on the web site by 2:00 pm.                                                           

 All rain dates are that Sunday at 2:00 pm if rained out Sun. it is a WASH.

 Any injury sustained at the track, whether in the pits, stands, camping area, or anywhere else, and whether sustained by a driver, crew member, or spectator, shall be reported to the race director or Management immediately, whether a race event is taking place or not.


21. INSPECTIONS:                                                                                                                                

 a) The top 3 finishers to tech after every feature. , and anyone else so directed by the tech director, or the race director, shall report immediately to the tech building upon completion of a race. Any car violating this rule shall be immediately disqualified.                                                                                                

b) All vehicles must be through a pre-tech inspection before drivers meeting and  going onto the race track for the race night.                                           Division will be posted at Tech. Building  each week.                                                                                                              

 c) During tech inspection, only driver and 1 crew member are allowed  ********. TECH> DIRECTOR OR RACE DIRACTOR has the right two pull motors for inspection at any time refusal is a D.Q. ***********

22. PROTESTS & APPEALS:                                                                                                                                                                                                       a) A legal protest may be filed according to protest procedures only by an officially entered driver or owner who is registered with Grand Bend Speedway.                                                  

 b) Any protest filed must clearly state the protesting drivers name, number, and division; and the suspected car drivers name, number, and division. The protest must be put in the mail box in the TECH BUILDING  if a vehicle or engine protest, is made $50.00  is requiered. The protest must be filed within 20 minutes of the completion of the last race of the event. The written protest must identify the rule section and subsection being protested. If a protest is filed, and found to be upheld, the protesting team will have all protest funds returned. If the protest is not upheld, the protesting team shall forfeit the protest funds.and go to, the suspected car owner shall receive $50.00 of the protest funds for the cost of engine reassembly. Any team filing an engine protest must also submit their engine for similar inspection. All forfeited funds retained by Grand Bend Speedway.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ) C)  Appeals of finishes should be brought to the attention of the race director  identify the car and race and why the finish is being appealed.                                                                                                                   

 d) In progress race decisions shall not be subject to protest. For further clarity, only vehicle and engine specifications can be subject to protest, not appeal, the race director will review the lap sheets. The appeal will only be upheld if the lap sheets definitively concur with the appeal. The lap sheets will be the only evidence reviewed.                                                                     

23. IN PROGRESS RACE DECISIONS:                                                                                                                                                                                    a) The race director, starter, and track officials will make all decisions during a race. Any penalties imposed by track officials will not be subject to appeal. Official may impose penalties or sanctions against cars either before or during, or after a race.                                                                          b) When a competitor is subject to any disciplinary action at the discretion of track management one or more of the following penalties can be invoked: race disqualification, lap penalties, position penalties, handicapping penalties, suspension from competition, loss of championship points, or a monetary fine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           c) If a race official makes a decision during a race that conflicts with rules as set out in this rule- book, and affects the outcome of a race, it shall not be appealed during a race. If, at the end of a race event, the race director upholds the appeal, any corrective action deemed possible by the race director will be enacted. Be advised that possible corrective action is extremely limited. Track officials cannot predict outcomes of races had events been different.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     d) All finishes are unofficial until the following week. Finishes as posted on the board after a race event are subject to review by the head scorer.                                                                    e) The race director reserves the right to freeze finishes and results for a maximum of one week for review and deliberation.

24. PENALTIES:                                                                                                                                                                                            a) ~ Total disqualification & suspension                                          B )    ~ Short term disqualification & suspension                                                    C) -  Fines  or  points losses                                                            D )   -  Loss  of money or trophies             

  ~ Loss of positions                                                                                                                                                                                   Monetary fine-$200 first offence, $500 second offence, & so on.
Paid before next race

All drivers must remain in their cars during a dispute. The starter or officials must approach the driver. Any drivers refusing to move his or her car from the track when told to do so will be automatically suspended for the balance of the race meet. No drivers or pit crew are allowed in the scoring tower at any time during a race event or flag stand.                                                                                                                              b) Any illegal parts will be confiscated by the tech director for disposal.                                                                                                                   c) Any race vehicle found to be running an illegal motor or any part thereof at any time will result in a loss of points for that event, suspensions and / or monetary fine at the discretion of track management.                                                                                                                                 d) Any technical violation, that in the opinion of the race director, displays intentional negligence or seriously compromises the safety of competitors, officials, or spectators shall be subject to severe sanction, up to and including season disqualification.


Anyone caught speeding in the pit area will be disqualified and lose all monies and points for an undetermined amount of time. Maximum speed in pit area is 10 (ten) MPH.

26. The driver is responsible for his / her crew. It is our goal to run a safe, competitive race with as few problems as possible. If you, the competitor, bear this in mind and co-operate with us, we can have an excellent show!

27. DRIVER SAFETY EQUIPMENT:                                                                                                                                                                                               The driver shall wear full protective racing apparel. The following four items are mandatory:  a) Helmet must be current Snell Foundation testing standard Snell S.A. 2010 must have protective eye shield or approved goggles.                                                                                               

28. b) Proban / Nomex single layer driving suit one or two piece. S.F.I.  approved            c) Head and neck restiants HANNS MANDITORY2018                                                                                              

29. d) Arm restraints: Arm restraints must be connected to your 5-point harness buckle not the steering shaft.                                                                                                                                  

30. e) Head supports  must not obstruct the driver’s vision within 90 degrees left or right of forward    The track management reserves the right to disallow any safety equipment that is questionable in nature.

31. GREEN FLAG: Start of Race. Any driver passing before the green flag is shown will be penalized one position per car passed. Penalty will be imposed at conclusion of that race. Original and Restart: Leader must not accelerate until green is shown. When green is shown. the whole track is green and passing is permitted . THE LINE in turn 4 when the flagman waves the green flag racing has started there will be passing only two the RIGHT SIDE until you are out of turn # 2  nothing to the left  so there is no DIVE BOMBING turn #1  * pole sitter sets the pace safe and slow 20km. If a pass vehicle is used pole sitter must have 20 feet between you and the pace vehicle.  For jumping starts you will get one warning the second one you will move to the back of the field.

29. DEFINITION OF INVOLVED CARS:  AT  G.B.S. we run the spinny and spinner rule both go to the back.                                                                                                       a) Any car involved in an accident either directly or indirectly, or causing the caution flag to come out will re-start in scratch position.                                                                                                b) Any car coming to a complete stop on the racing surface will be treated as an accident car and will re-start the race in scratch position. Cars stopping to avoid the accident and or keep forward moementumn rolling will be placed in line according to official’s decision.                                                                                 c) Any car entering the pit area under race conditions will  be allowed back onto the racing surface by the direction of the track official. Any cars returning to the racing surface will re-start the race in scratch position. Unless still on lead lap       d) Cars entering in field with a problem must pull into safety area between walls if possible.         e) Any car completely entering the infield area will cause the caution flag to come out.                                      The car must come to a complete stop before re-entering the racing surface and will re-start the race in scratch position. Any car accidentally getting wheels off the track and back on without gaining any positions will not cause a caution to come out. This is to avoid unnecessary caution and speed up the show.         f) When a race is stopped before one lap is complete it will cause a complete re-start.          g) When a race is stopped after one lap is complete the re-start order will go back to the "last completed lap".                                                                                                                                   h) Once the leader has taken the white flag one lap to go in the race and a yellow flag comes out. the leader will get yellow and checkered. Race is over with scoring going back to the last complete lap with accident cars going to back. This is to avoid unnecessary caution and speed up the show.


31. YELLOW FLAG:                                                                                                                                

32. a) Danger on the track. This is one that can either make or break a race!   Please pay close ATTENTION to this!!! When the yellow flag is displayed, all cars will slow down immediately and pull into the lane behind the car ahead. If two cars are running side by side when the yellow flag shows, the inside car shall take preference. Please assist to make this race as sportsmanlike and professional as possible in this situation. If you are signaled by the starter or assistant starter to get into a position while running under the yellow and refuse to do so you will be black flagged and disqualified from the race, regardless if this was a lapped car or one on the same lap you were running. If you are caught passing on the yellow. You will be deducted one position per car passed at the conclusion of that race.         b) If a lead lap car spins with a lap down car on the track the spinner goes behind the lead lap cars than the lap down to follow.  When service vehicles are on the track attending a accident vehicles the last one is removed from the track there will be 3 laps given for repairs than we go white flag than green ..

33. RED FLAG:           Bad wreck or extremely bad conditions on the race track. STOP your car as quickly and safely as possible. Do not proceed to start finish line, but stop immediately! Try not to block the track. When conditions are clear enough, the yellow lights will come on, then proceed to start finish line for alignment. If the red flag comes out as the primary flag, then the line up shall be as you were running on the last completed green flag lap with the exception of those cars involved. Drivers may not work on his/her car or have any member of their crew on the track. Failure to obey this rule will result in disqualification of car. Cars may move under red flag when told to by the track official.

34. BLACK FLAG:               Rolled up flag pointed to you (warning) Fully waived black flag pull to the pit area immediately! Your car is possibley dangerous ., calmly   report to the official.in turn #1 on the on ramp to be told what to go .                                                        

35. If you have received the black flag because of mechanical problems in the feature race, you will receive points and money for your finishing position. If the black flag is given because of some rule infraction you will be disqualified from the race. Starter's decision is final! Failure to obey this flag will result in a suspension for the balance of the race meet. Disobeying the flag, you can be suspended. Black flag will be given for two consecutive laps or at starter's discretion. You can receive the black flag for the following rule infractions: passing pole position car either on original start or re­start, rough driving, blocking, bumping, or any act detrimental to the rules and/or the speedway.

36. BLUE FLAG:with yellow stripe     ***  Passing flag. You are about to be lapped - stay to the inside.       Do not try and race the leaders!

37. CROSS FLAG: Race is half over

38. WHITE FLAG: One lap to go.

39. CHECKERED FLAG: Race is over!   YOU  WIN !

40. Failure to comply with any or all flags will result in a black flag and or suspension. Any driver who willfully disobeys a flag or light signal will be subject to any penalty deemed proper by the starter

41. No radios or electronic means of communication will be allowed in race cars.

42. No on board computer systems allowed. Tachometers are allowed.

43. All race cars must display track sponsors decals on car in designated area.

44. It is the responsibility of the driver and crew to read all rules and regulations in this book and to comply with them. Any questions should be asked prior to race meet.

45. The management of Grand Bend Speedway reserves the right to all final decisions of any or all rules.                                                                                                                                     a) Grand Bend Speedway management has the right to change, alter or add any or all rules at any time and without any prior notice.

46. The management of Grand Bend Speedway reserves the right to refuse entry or membership at any time.

47. The refusal of acceptance of sponsor’s products will result in a point’s loss for that race night and a possible suspension.

48. Competitors must be present at the banquet to accept their awards. Failure to appear may result in loss of prizes.

49. The management reserves the right to check any car at any time for compliance to any and all rules as outlined in this rule book and without prior notice given.

50. Any new technology in the market place available to all classes competing but not necessarily covered in this rule book must be brought to the attention of the Technical director before it is allowed to be used. Failure to do so could result in disqualification before or after a race and confiscation of that part.

51. Any car in violation of any specifications, management reserves the right to impound the component of that portion of the car that is in question for further examination.

52. Track management reserves the right to impound any car involved in a personal injury accident of any kind for as long as necessary.

53. Any driver or crew member with concerns will not attempt to talk to any track official during the running of any  races. Any driver or crew member that does voice his / her opinion (this includes hand gestures) to track officials will be subject to loss of points for the night, points for the year, monetary fine, or suspension from further or future racing events.

54. Drivers that wish to voice their concerns can do so in writing to race director at intermission or the end of that race night.

55. Any cars stopped on the track due to an accident or mechanical problem will be taken to the pit area.

56. If a driver receives an injury requiring hospitalization or continuous care by a physician, the driver shall be required to submit in writing, a medical release on the attending physician's letterhead and it shall be received by track management 24 hours prior to the next scheduled race meet in which the driver wishes to participate. Also, the driver must show to track management, the ability to enter and exit the car quickly and safely before being able to compete.

57. If a driver is rendered unconscious from an accident on the track, the driver upon regaining consciousness shall be unable to compete for the duration of the event.

58. All competitors shall be physically and mentally healthy in order to compete on any given race meet. A current medical form is required by all drivers. This form must be completed by a physician and an optometrist. Forms are available from track personnel. The track management reserves the right to disqualify any competitor deemed "unfit to race" by track personnel.

59. ROOKIES:          a) Any new driver including a co-driver that has no prior racing experience at Grand Bend Speedway and has missed the practice session odor to the opening of race season must complete two practice session’s odor to competing in any race events. This can be done by one track rental and one practice session prior to a race event. This rule may be waived for experienced drivers at GBS.

b. All rookie drivers must start at the back of the feature and heat races and must have a yellow streamer on their cars stating that they are a rookie driver. These drivers will start in their regular position when the management feels they are ready or for a maximum of four race events. New drivers in a division will be able to compete in a maximum of three race events and still maintain their rookie status in that division for the next season.


58. BIKES:      There will be no bike riding allowed in the pit area during a race event. Before and after is ok . (misc. Toys at discretion of officials.)

 DISQUALIFICATION:          In the case of a disqualification and there is not enough race events left to serve the full term of the suspension, then it will go back in points from previous race events until the remainder of the suspension is served. "Example": A disqualification on the last race event will count as one and then it will go back three weeks points which will be removed to make up a four week suspension.

 In the case of a disqualification all points, prizes and money will be taken away, all other finishing positions will remain the same as they were before the disqualification. (Disqualification prize money will go into that division's point’s fund, and trophies returned ,Feature trophies will be handed out at the end of the night .when you pass tech.


- Warm up laps on cold or damp nights will be given at the discretion of the race director.  

 62) Drivers must stay in cars until a safety personal gets to you. (unless you are on fire.)        


63) All 4 wheels must have no less than 10 lbs. of weight on it when on the scales in tech.                    Before and after races all divisions .


Cautions : If you cause a caution on a start by spinning out or going into the infield to pull a caution flag you will go to the back of the field on restarts if a lead lap car spins with a lap down car on track and a caution comes out spinner goes behind the last lead lap car than the lap down cars to follow .


 When ever you plan to enter the track you must wait for the flagman in turn one to let you on the track . Re entering the race track under green or a caution flag  is allowed stay above the yellow line until you see the dotted blend yellow line in the middle of the back straight away or you will be blacked flagged .

 All feature trophies and stickers for features wins will be handed out in the tech building after you pass your tech inspection . Trophie at the finish line is for pictures only .


**** NO ONE AT ANY TIME IS TO APPROACH THE FLAGSTAND AT ANY TIME WHILE A RACE EVENT IS ON TRACK . IF SO IT WILL BE A ( D. Q. ) and or a suspension for that assoseated car or team . FILL OUT A PROTEST FORM .and we will answer it once the night is over .                                                

general track 2018 rules.pdf Download File Here If you do not understand a rule, please contact us for details. Rules@GrandBendSpeedway.com 2018 Drivers Profiles

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